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In 2015, Goodwood paid for a 2 day, 2 location, noise monitoring in Summerdale during the Member's event. The result was reported in an SRA Newsletter as 60-70 LAeq15 down-wind.......very noisy!

In 2016 we monitored the noise levels in Maplehurst Road during a Revival meeting. These noise results are attached for the 3 Revival days plus days either side of them but presented in the manner of the MAS Environmental Report produced for CDC in November 2018. This report was produced in regard to likely noise affecting future planning applications around the racetrack/airfield. It is a very long repetitious report but the message in the Executive Summary is that a buffer zone of at least 400m should be adhered to for residential housing development but that for a noise sensitive development, the buffer zone could well extend up to 800m. It is assumed, though not definitively stated, that this has been the CDC policy up 'till now. So beyond the 400m mark, LAeq15 of 42dB should not be exceeded and an LAFmax should not exceed 46dB in any 5 minute period. Permitting development within the buffer zone and beyond where these figures are exceeded by existing commercial activity and where quality of life is affected, there is risk of potential action for statutory or civil nuisance. The report excludes Category 1 events, in otherwords, adverse events allowed by Chichester District Council are ignored. However the material on this page defines what the Category 1 events are really like noise-wise in relation to the 400m mark criterion. The noise levels recorded were massively above the recommended limits!

The reports listed in this section are both daytime and nightime levels recorded for both LAeq15 and LAFmax5. A general environmental summary is shown plus the noise level in graphical form. Because of the different timebases for these 2 noise levels, different plots are necessary, some of which will contain additional information.

The Noise Reports:-