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For most people living in the North of Chichester and Westhampnet areas, there is no doubt that noise form the circuit is a problem. It is THE MAJOR contribution to local noise pollution. The noise signature is a particlarly irritating and intrusive drone as the cars continuously go round and round the circuit hour after hour. For anyone trying to enjoy some peace and quiet in their gardens at weekends, say, it is particularly stressfull and annoying. It is beyond belief why the District Council continues to perpetuate this noise misery on local residents. It is somewhat baffling why the District Council approves so much noise from Goodwood when the only people supporting these applications live well away from Chichester and the major volume of objections from local residents are totally ignored! And to cap it all, the Evironment Department at the Council have a letter stamp which says 'ENVIRONMENT AND GREENER LIVING'...really!

The Goodwood noise circuit closed to racing in the 60's partly because it was difficult to meet the safety requirements of faster and faster cars requiring larger run off areas and partly because of a more enlightened Chichester District Council noise notice served at the time to limit the use of the circuit to only 5 cars. So the circuit passed into a twighlight period with the track just used for testing and sprinting and the North of Chichester was quite peaceful (apart from aircraft take-offs). Then came along Lord March and his chums, when his father passed away, and in 1996, CDC caved in and allowed a revival of the circuit against very strong opposition locally. A number of 'imporovements' were carried out at the circuit including earth banks to provide additional spectator viewpoints which do nothing at all to prevent sound break out. In fairness to the District Council, they have insisted on a sophisticated noise monitoring system which does make Goodwood closely noise monitored but on the unsilenced days of course it is immaterial and the sorrounding residential areas suffer.The noise monitoring system was installed by Applied Acoustic Design in 2010 with 3 remote noise meters connected wirelessly to a data logger in the pit lane with a modem link to CDC providing real time noise data.