Complaints; Goodwood Aerodrome and Circuit

Goodwood strive at all times to minimise the effect of noise coming from both the Motor Circuit and the Airfield. However, if you feel that at anytime the noise from the circuit is in excess of the permitted limits or if you feel an aircraft has not followed the specified route and has taken off over your house then please contact Goodwood directly on 01243 755162. You will be asked to press button 1 and then record your complaint straight away. Please keep CALM, do not shout or use bad language. Give full details of complaint including exact times, especially if complaining about low flying aircraft. You should receive a response within 48 hours.

Goodwood Consultative Committees

Chichester District Council have representatives on both the Airfield and Motor Circuit consultative committees should you prefer to contact them. Details are:-

Airfield: Mike Hall; 01243 775052;

Motor Circuit: Peter Budge; 01243 780121;