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Over the Years a number of readers letters and Goodwood noise articles have been published in the local press. Whilst not a comprehensive cover, some of these have been included below.

Click HERE to read some protest letters. Names and dates have not been included but are available.

Clock HERE to read some locally published newspaper articles.

Goodwood air and noise pollution results from various types of aircraft coming off Runway 24 (together with helicopters generally ignoring the agreed flight patterns) plus the Motor Racing Circuit, specifically the unsilenced race days as well as the somewhat tiresome Category 2 days.

As far as the airfield is concerned, the situation is monitored and they do react to complaints. But at the end of the day it is up to the pilot taking off to adhere to the noise abatement procedures but if the pilot chooses to ignore the recommended flight pattern or simply forgets, there is no retribution apart from warnings. If the action is persistent, then the aircraft could (in theory) get banned. Fortunately for the residents of North Chichester and sorrounding villages, the actual number of permitted aircraft operations today is far less than the maximum allowed in the Section 52 agreement. When the wind speed is less than 10 knots, aircraft taking off are meant to use runway 32. This is because it is a longer runway to enable better lift rather than usuing the shorter runway 24 and flying low over North Chichester. Does that happen........what do you think? In the Boxgrove Parish Council Meeting Minues of the 13th.March 2015, it is suggested that some work was done on a deviation (re-alignment?) of runway 24 but 'despite extensive work around, it did not have a positive result'. What seems more appropriate is to use runway 28(10) since that is aimed directly at the Lavant Gap. Unfortunately, however, Lord March and his chums trampelled all over it in the 2015 Revival as that's where they erected a large number of the sideshows.

As for the Motor Circuit noise pollution, Chichester District Council does have control over this up to a point but are little by little giving way to more and more requests from Goodwood for more noise activities. However, CDC have insisted on quantifiable noise monitoring which is commendable as long as the equipment is used properly and actually means something in the end. We shall return to this aspect in other pages on the site and references to other documents but it is doubtful whether anyone in Environmental Services actually understand what decibel numbers actually mean. For 5 days a year there is no noise monitoring and the noise levels are extremely high, a major intrusive noise nuisance. Again we will return to this issue in other sections. Basically what we get from an unsilenced engine is a series of high pressure shock waves when the exhaust valves open and the exhaust gasees are discharged under pressure.