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The following is a letter from the local idiot which was published in a local newspaper in 2014. It is reproduced here simply to illustrate the general attitude of the Goodwood supporters club to the genuine concerns of local residents:-

You've got to hand it to Lord March! He's come up with a really clever way of getting round the ridiculous planning restrictions on noise abatement for Goodwood Motor Circuit. Charles (that's what his friends call him, didn't you know?) has found a brilliant loophole by calling it a 'members' only' meeting. In so doing he's managed to wangle an extra two days' un-silenced 'category 1' motor racing. Hurrah! And because it's a members' only meeting, the usual rules don't apply so they run their engines at full volume. All the time! Eat your heart out. Spinal Tap! I first became aware that something good was about to happen when driving towards Chichester on the B2141 early on the morning of Saturday, March 29. Clearly in a bit of a hurry on their way to the motor circuit early in the morning, some of the dashing members were trying out some of their latest daredevil track moves on blind corners at breakneck speeds. One particular chap, in a powerful blue BMW, nearly had a head-on collision with a Mini, forcing it off the road. Hilarious - I've always hated Minis! Clearly the man in the blue BMW with the GRRC sticker proudly displayed in his window, thought so too as he sped off into the distance. How we laughed! I dare say there'll be loads of complaints from the boring old dunderheads of the Summersdale Residents' Association. Don't listen to them, Charlie boy, you're the daddy and don't let anybody forget that! As for the unexpected fireworks? A tour de force! Quite the loudest and best I have ever heard or seen! By the way, has anybody seen my dog? I can't find him anywhere. Three cheers for Lord March.
(Name and Address available)

The Goodwood Members' Meeting is a 'new style' of motor racing event, conceived by Lord March to recreate the atmosphere of the original BARCMembers' Meetings held 'in period' at Goodwood through the 1950s and 1960s. The 2016 Meeting had a large variety of other activties to keep attendees from getting bored watching the cars go round, such as duck herding, ferret racing, archery and tug-o-war with dancers, live bands and singers and a procession of entertainment from fire breathing dragons to singing nuns. To keep up the volume at Goodwood, the firework display was accompanied by choreographed contemporary music and fireworks fired off the top of a 50 ton crane in the middle of the airfield creating unwelcome blast waves in the neighbourhood.

In 2015, Goodwood paid for a 2 day, 2 location, noise monitoring in Summerdale during the Members event. The result was reported in an SRA Newsletter as 60-70 LAeq15 down-wind.......very noisy!. WHO guidelines apparently state that no serious annoyance occurs at LAeq15 less than 55.