The reported positions of the noise meters installed in the trackside banks around the circuit are shown here. There are 3 locations, 10m away from the track:-

a) outside of track (drivers left) just after the exit of Madgewick corner

b) outside of track (drivers left) just after the exit of St.Mary's corner

c) inside of track (drivers right) just after the exit of the Chicane

You will notice that apart from being 10m from the noise source, the meters are biased to collect noise from one direction only such that with a prevailing wind from the south-west the effective noise levels will be less than true whilst a wind from the north east will produce a truer result.

  • You will also notice that the noise meters are located at the exits of corners, supposedly in the 'acceleration zones' after the bends but clearly not at speed down the next stretch of track. The Madgewick monitor always produces the highest noise level of the 3. Specifically, there is no noise monitoring along the Fordwater stretch where Goodwood state that "Fordwater is one of the fastest stretches on any British circuit....marvel as the cars drift at top speed" Now Fordwater is directly opposite Summersdale and that is why the noise level in Summerdale is so high, despite Goodwood kidding everyone with their noise monitoring activities. On 2 occasions (January 2010 and February 22nd 2010) CDC planners suggest a noise monitor directly adjacent to Maplehurst Road would reduce noise complaints.......did it happen, of course not!

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