This consisted of 3 Aplications to Chichester District Council:-

Reference 10/00233/FUL (subsequently withdrawn))

Reference 10/00234/FUL (temporary consent for 5 years)

Reference 10/00235/FUL

The submission was in 9 parts as follows:- Part 1- Planning Supporting Statement; Appendix A - Location Plan; Appendix B -Site Plan; Appendix C - the Goodwood Estate; Appendix D - Planning History; Appendix E - 1996 Planning Permission (94/00879/FUL); Appendix F - Examples of 2 other Circuits; Appendix G - Review of Existing Planning Conditions; Appendix H - Calendar of Activities; Appendix I - Draft Planning Conditions

The following is an extract from the Southdown Environmental Consultants which summarises the general Goodwood proposals for revised terms of operation:-

The proposed new terms of circuit operation would permit: use of the circuit by un-silenced racing cars or bikes on two practice days per annum; an increase in the number of Goodwood Days or similar events; the introduction of a new Category 4 'Quiet' day and a consequential reduction in the minimum number of Silent Days; Winter Rally events on up to 4 days and evenings per annum; changes in prescribed circuit activities on Sundays; removal of current limits on the numbers of cars on the circuit during events currently known as Goodwood and Road Traffic Days; the audibility of loudspeakers and public address systems beyond the circuit boundary and removal of several important restrictions from the scope of planning conditions and their confinement to a noise management plan which will be subject to change without the need for any new planning permission and open public consultation. Additionally, the proposed changes would effectively facilitate a greater take up in the numbers of Historic Race Days and Road Traffic Days, a change in the character of circuit noise emissions and would enable a 2-4 fold increase in the currently restricted numbers of vehicles on Goodwood and Road Traffic Days.

Click HERE for a summary of meeting notes for these Applications considered at the CDC Goodwood Sub-Committe held 22nd. February 2010.

  • This Table quantifies the Goodwood proposals. The Planning Support Statement indicated that the proposed terms of operation would result in a reduction in the so-called circuit 'noise quantum', an invented concept with no factual or technical basis, the inventors of this 'concept' clearly showing little understanding of acoustics. Additionally, a Noise Investigation Report and community noise survey data were submitted which were limited and/or deficient in many respects. However, it appeared from the limited information provided with the applications that proposed terms of circuit operation could well result in significant adverse impacts if the changes were accepted in the absence of any more substantive evidence to support claims that these would not result in any additional harm or nuisance. There were no discussions held with local householders affected.Click HERE to see what Chichester District Council agreed to. CDC judged the environmental impact of these changes as 'a slight increase in perceived noise within the community.'

    A total of 104 local residents wrote to the Concil to object to the Goodwood plans. The Council received 41 notifications of support, only 4 of whom were locals. Click HERE to see a list of the supporters....37 of whom live well outside the area. You can therefore see that Chichester District Council takes more notice of strangers rather than it's own Tax Payers who have to suffer the consequences.