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In 1996, Chichester District Council allowed Goodwood to stage 5 unsilenced racetrack days a year despite considerable local opposition. As a result of this permit, Goodwood staged their first Revival meeting on the 18th.September 1998. Over successive years the event has become noisier and the hours of suffrage extended with noisy music, firework displays and other events incorporated after the defunct Vintage at Goodwood event in 2010. In 2010 Goodwood put in further planning applications for even more noise but thankfully the unsilenced days remained at 5 but with an increase in Category 2 and 3 track events and with improved noise controls installed. The 5 unsilenced days were granted on a 3 year temporary basis. In March 2013, Goodwood applied for the removal of the temporary 5 day condition (WH/13/00108/FUL) which was granted despite local opposition. One of the support letters came from Jeremy Hunt, Chairman of and on behalf of Summerdale Residents Association. Thank you for that Jeremy, he acted unconstitutionally in not balloting his members first. Lavant Parish Council also gave approval. Co-incidentally, in early March, the University of Brighton published a somewhat biased financial report on the Revival and showed that the net profit value of an event to Lord March was around £2 million, a clear money spinner. So the event is going to be around for a long time and with something new added each year no doubt to stretch the limits.

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The video above is of airplane noise from ariel displays at the Revival meeting, the Red Arrows in particular flying over built-up areas, presumably with permission? It is interesting to note that they apparently refuse to fly at Shoreham which is odd as they fly over Chichester but not over Shoreham? They are a regular event at Revival meetings and of course, free of charge. This year apparently we have 'The Warlords'. Breathtaking aerobatic displays from the world's top pilots in spitfires, hurricanes and mustangs swooping low and fast over the airfield.......GREAT?⊗⊗ Any of course, we have all the traffic disruption over 3 days on the A27.